Invies tech academy

Become a java script developer in 4 months.
We guarantee you a high-paying job after our education.

Invies Group

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Invies tech academy

Is developed by Invies group. Our teachers have a combined experience of 80 years in programming.

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Are you the next tech guru?

Do you want to learn how to create apps
or even the next big hit in tech?

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A tech education you can use for the rest of your life, and fits in perfectly on your CV.

We are selective with whom we bring in, but appointments are made on an ongoing basis.

we take in 25 students
And take in approximately 10% of applicants
For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

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Engineering teams

We're passionate about building great teams, serving local communities, and creating jobs. We’re teachers, veterans, and fast food sandwich artists. We’re entrepreneurs and writers. Some of us run ultra marathons, and some of us prefer Netflix marathons. But more than anything, we have great respect for the value of a hard days work. Moreover, we are well aware that small businesses are an indespencible part of our economy. In closing, we love to listen, ask a lot of questions and make your life easier.

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Marketing teams

The Invies Group marketing team works with making the personalized ads reach out to the right people.

Planning is probably the most important part. This is were we for example discuss with our client who they are looking for, what criterial they have and so on. We also lay down all the groundwork for what's to come.

Our marketing team then makes the personalized ads reach out to thousands of individuals who fit your description. This is done via our automated process described in the "sales" page. When all this is done, Our clients will see their inbox start overflowing with job applicants.

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Design teams

Our design team works with the construction of  personalized ads. They design ads based on how the client wants their company to be portrayed. Our team are all very experienced in advertising, so a few tricks will be applied so the ad is spot on.

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Our students:

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Peter Friberg

I had just finished studying and received invitations as an announcement on Facebook. I was interested and Do not regret my choice!

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Frida Corelli

Hi my name is kathie, I chose invies tech academy because I wanted to learn how to program beauty apps. today I work with app development and am super happy with the choice.

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Sophie Merlin

I was the last to be admitted to the course and was super happy. I work a lot with color optimizations on websites. Today I work as a web designer. I really recommend their education.

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Filip Axelsson

I knew some friends who worked at invies group and was recommended their education. I had dabbled a bit with programming before, but not at high level, strongly recommend! Working with web development today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we can't offer a free trial because our implementation takes one month. The implementation is the first step of automating the sales process and is necessary to be able to deliver booked meetings.

How do I start?

Contact one of our sellers and we will have a meeting with you where we discuss our service and provide answers to all your questions.

Can I use this tool on my company?

Our service is working with almost every B2B

How does it work?

We will custom build an automated sales process. Where we eliminate prospecting, qualifying and books meeting so your sales people can focus on the actual sale.

How does your guarantee work?

Our guarantee is there for a reason. We want
to ensure the customer that it works by all means.
That's why we offer a full refund for the meetings if we
cant deliver. (Which has not happened since we

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

Our service is fully GDPR compliant which is necessary since the regulation was put into effect on May 25, 2018.

Interested in our students? send us a request and we solve it.

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