Join one of the fastest growing startups

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to expand
our sales department.

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Our perks

Great perks of working at
Invies group

Some of the things that make our working place one
of the most attractive.

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We are in times where business can take place everywhere. We are looking for new locations for our expansion so we offer the possibility to work remote.

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Flexible hours

Invies Group is a company that looks at the efforts and commitment of the team. But we also let team members work on their own time as long as they make good results.

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Good commissions

We don't have a roof on the salary,
meaning your results will have an
impact on your salary. You will have
a good commission model making 
you aim for higher and higher goals.

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Our service

We have developed the products of the future. Automated sales process | Employer branding & recruitment automations

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Career growth

We are a start-up and the possibilities are great for making a career. We will invest in the people to improve their sales and their knowledge of our product.

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Great culture

We want to have a great
working culture, to ensure
the well being of our associates. We help each other out
and work as a team so everyone
becomes the best version of

Job profiles

What job profiles are we currently looking for?

We are currently looking for new people for our sales department. We are searching for people that have great commitment. We are looking for both senior and junior salespeople.

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Hard working

People that are consistent and not afraid to take place and make their voice heard.

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Driven by results

People that are driven by results and take
every opportunity as a chance to develop. 

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New ideas

We like people that think outside the box
and uses different ways to improve sales. 

Job openings

Current job openings

We are constantly looking for new talents, are you our next star?