Automated sales process with AI.

We eliminate prospecting, qualification and meeting booking and guarantee 5 booked meetings weekly.

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All-in-one B2B sales automation.

Engage Your Prospects with the Right Message at the Right Time.

We can contact up to 5 company employees in up to 13 different ways. This with clear messages about your company to your type of customer with our automations.

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Qualification of your ideal customers

Our semi-manual approaches include searching on search engines with 200 million records and websites, as well as validation and testing for possible addresses that can be found on prospects. This enables a closer line of the customer base than ordinary tools can achieve.

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Repeated correct sales behavior makes up the foundation for faster sales and pulls through strategies for an effective closing of deals. With our foundation within ICP, messaging, cadences as well as proactive and reactive sales we can typically double the closing speed of your deals.

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More features to power-up your business

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When someone visits your site the pixel is activated and the action is reported. This way you know when someone has acted after he / she has seen your ad. You can also reach this customer again with the help of a custom audience. As more and more conversions occur on your site, Invies will be better at showing your ads to users who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimization.

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Customer success

We have a customer success team that sits and affirms your interests around the clock. This is because no one likes to write with robots on websites. Our customer success team helps you and your new customers with the entire collaboration. Furthermore our team tailors and builds your entire messaging framework.

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Video Sequences

We offer personal video sequences where you do not have to record new videos. Instead, we can change the sound and background automatically when we contact your new customers.

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Automated voicemail

We have developed pre recorded audio recordings. Completely without calling directly to the customers, these audio recordings are sent to a wide variety of potential customers. Ultimately they end up in their voicemails and within days, customers will be calling you asking about your product.

Are You Ready to accelerate your business?

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How it works

The process 1, 2, 3

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1. Implementation

During the implementation process our customer success team sets up your tailored automated sales process and identifies your ideal costumer.

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2. Messaging framework

The messaging framework is a part of the implementation where we, together with you, create powerful sequences and content that we use to contact your potential costumers.

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3. Delivery of meetings

After the implementation,
you are ready to go! Our
automated sales process
will start the delivery of meetings.  


Integrated with all tools you already know and love


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Smart tools and fast lead times.

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Invies really helped us when we recruited system developers.

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The future of employer branding they said!
Smart solutions.

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Ready to get started? Book a demo with one of our product specialists

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